Tiny Homes

Recently I have been seeing pictures on every social media, articles online, and segments on the news for the newest housing trend: tiny houses. Outlets such as Buzzfeed, CNN , and even HGTV have covered the hot topic. Recently the wildly popular YouTube personalities the Dolan Twins have even moved into a tiny space.  My question is: Why would anyone want to live in such a small space?

The first answer I could find to my question was simple: some people just like the small size. Typically around 300-500 square feet, these small housing quarters can be more functionable for just a single person living in them. Also, lets face it, they must me much easier to clean. With the lack of space inside, these houses usually only have a small bathroom, kitchen and living room space, and loft or pull out bed. These spaces can also be portable too, so if someone is constantly moving cities or towns, this might just be easier than renting a new apartment every few months. 

The second reason theses houses might be someone’s first choice is that it can be the greener, cleaner alternative to a normal sized house. There are plenty of tiny houses on the market that use solar panels to power everything, and they also take up much less water than a normal sized home. They also take less power to heat or cool because of the small size. These green homes can be made with only a tiny fraction of the materials used to make a regular sized home, using up scrap wood and metal from bigger projects. Although this type of tiny home is much better for the planet, it tends to be quite a bit pricier than the typical tiny home, resulting in the tiny home costing the same amount as the average American home. 

In Michigan, there is a community of small houses in Detroit called “Tiny Homes Detroit” ,that make tiny homes for people of low income. They are a nonprofit organization that is renting out homes to former homeless people, senior citizens, etc. This community is one of a number in Michigan, and one of many throughout the country. The communities for the less fortunate and homeless are becoming widely popular to combat the homeless crisis in big cities. In Seattle, the movement is fighting this crisis with 1,000 tiny homes in a number of different villages for different people.

The growing popularity of the tiny homes is good for many things, fighting climate change and homelessness. The sleek and fun styles the homes come in offer everyone a lifestyle that can fit them. If you’re interested in investing in a small home, here’s a list of tiny home communities all across the country.

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